Tremains' 10 Tips to Increase Property Value

Date: 15th Dec 2021

Selling your home can be a stressful time, however we're here to help make it easier.

Whilst there are certain things out of your control; the location of your house, your neighbours, or the weather for your open home - there are some easy things that can be done around the home to make it more appealing to buyers. With the current market being so competitive, it's important to make sure your home is in top condition before it hits the market. 

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, there are several things you can do before you sell to ensure the highest price for your property. Our team have collated their top tips to increase your property value in 2022. 


Know the Vibe of Your Neighbourhood: 

Do you know your neighbours? What do the different houses look like down your street? What is the community like? 

These are all important questions to ask yourself when it comes to selling your home. When people come through your home, potential buyers are likely to ask these questions - whether it's a busy bustling area or a quieter, retirement like community. 

Understanding these general characteristics of your area can help you to tailor your home to that environment, and make it more appealing to those interested in your property. 

A great idea is to take a stroll down the streets in your neighbourhood and take a look at the styles and features of the homes. What do you like or not like about them, and what inspiration can you pull from those properties for yours? It's a great way to make your home more memorable like those in your area that will stick in buyers' minds. 

Tremains Property 3 Out
Image: Tremains - 9 Kauru Road, Waipatu, Hastings


Make Sure Your Property is Clean: 

Have you ever seen a property photo that looks like it's got too much going on, and looks distracting? 

A clean and tidy property is one of the most effective ways to ensure your property makes a great first impression - especially in the minor details. When you're preparing your home for market, ensure you go through each room and give them a good thorough clean and tidy. Wash down the walls and windows inside and out, pack away anything that looks 'cluttered' in your home, and make sure your house is clear of any unnecessary accessories. 

Where possible, bring out fresh decor to highlight the best features of your home - brownie points if it's all colour coordinated! 

Not only inside, be sure to head outside with a water blaster, sweeping brush or a lawn mower to make sure that the outside puts off a stellar first impression as well as the inside. 

Tremains Property 10 Communal  Image: Tremains - 62A McDonald Street, Napier 


First Impressions Make or Break a Sale: 

When you're putting your house on the market, you want to make sure it's the King of the Kerb!

Before you put your home on the market, treat it to a fresh coat of paint, cleaning out the gutters, making sure the driveway is tidy and pruned, and having a clean of your letter box for that extra step towards a good impression. 

Some of these changes seem quite minor, but will make a whole lot of difference for potential buyers looking through your property. Plus, it will give your home a much more inviting feeling for those coming through, and that your property has been well taken care of. 

Tremains Property 16 Out

Image: Tremains - 4 Tamatea Road, Taupo


Make the Communal Areas the Focus:

Shared spaces tend to be a key focus for home buyers, with their priorities on the functionality of the kitchen and bathroom. 

Ensuring the storage spaces are tidy and as open as possible, using the right lighting, or adding a heated towel rail to the bathroom can work wonders for the value of your property. These small changes make your property feel much more luxurious and comfortable for potential buyers. 

In the kitchen, adding a few appliances such as an air fryer, coffee machine or a baking mixer will give the impression of a fully functional kitchen, and pleasant space to spend time in your home. 

Targeting these areas will give your home a much more inviting feel, and also add value to your property. 

Tremains Property 6 Kitchen

Image: Tremains - 103 Chaucer Road North, Hospital Hill, Hawkes Bay 

Simple Swap-Outs of Appliances and Decor:

Making small swaps of decor or appliances that are starting to look tired around your home could add thousands to your home, without breaking the bank! Is your kitchen tap looking a bit old or rusty, or cabinetry handles wearing out or coming off? Updating these small features around your home will give a much more modern and appealing look to potential buyers, even though they appear to be only a minor detail. 

When choosing new pieces as replacements, be sure to consider the current colour scheme and vibe that your home is portraying, and choose styles and colours to match. New faucets and handles look aesthetically pleasing to a potential buyer and shows that you have lived in your home with pride and care. 

Even the furniture in your home can make a lasting impression on those coming to view. Replacing old tired couches with new lounge suites (or upcycling pieces if you're the hands on/crafting type), or adding cushions or throws to seating around the house can add to that comfortable and stylish aesthetic that draws in buyers. 

When it comes to decor, making sure the pieces around your home also complement the aesthetic around the property, with the right colours and tones can work wonders in adding value to your property to those who come to view. 

Tremains Property 17 small thingsImage: Tremains - 18 Seddon Street, Te Puke, Bay of Plenty


Dress the Home With a Fresh Coat of Paint: 

One of the simplest and most effective way to bring your home to life is with a fresh coat of paint. This simple job can spruce up any room, revitalise your property, and give your home a higher value. The great thing with refreshing your property's paintwork is, you're not restricted to just the walls - a simple paint job can bring your cabinetry, or tiles a whole new life if they're looking a bit tired. 

Moving into 2022, we've done some research into forecasted colour palette trends for the new year.Colour swatches 2022

Post-Covid lockdown, with homes playing a new role in our lives, relaxation and natural colours are making a stand as we move into a new year. With so much time been spent on devices while working from home (or having nothing to do) green hues are a leading colour trend, giving the feeling of reconnecting with nature - with neutral tones standing strong for rest and clarity. 

According to Resene NZ, blue is the 'new' colour trend making a strong appearance for the new year. Though the colour has been a constant companion for homeowners and interior designers for years, blues give a sense of peace with its connections to the sea and sky to give a soothing feeling within the home. Stronger and lighter shades of blue are making their way progressively out of bathrooms and are being seen spread further across homes. 

Bold pops of colour are also forecast to make more of a stance in homes in 2022. Pops of lilac, reds, yellows and golds are likely to be used more frequently to break up the neutral palettes we're accustom to, as a way to bring some fun into our homes. 

Tremains Property 20 GreenImage: Tremains - 237 Clifton Road, Te Awanga


Give the Backyard some Loving: 

Not only does the inside deserve a refesh before it goes to market, so does the backyard! 

Whether you have a paved back patio or a luscious grass lawn, giving your backyard a tidy up will work wonders for your property value. While the first thing to pop to mind is mow the lawns, there are other tasks you can tackle to give the exterior of your property a new personality. 

If you've got a fence around your property, giving it a fresh lick of paint or a good waterblast will give your home that 'cared for' impression - similarly will tidy and well pruned or weeded gardens and hedges. Another job worth tackling is giving the deck a fresh stain or scrub to have it looking brand new before people show up to your home. If you've got any foliage around your property, giving it a good shape and prune will also do great things for your back yard. 

Putting your home on the market is also a great chance to have a clean up of the garden (or man) shed, the kids trampoline and outdoor toys, or the pool or spa (if you're fortunate enough to have those). Take the time before open homes to clear any leaves to ensure the best impression of your property when they come to view. 

Your backyard is a key element to giving your property character and space - the cleaner and more open it can look, great chance is the value of your property will jump up with it. 

Tremains Property 21 GardenImage: Tremains - 9 Kauru Road, Waipatu, Hastings 


New Tiling, New Home: 

Tiles and backsplashes can be the biggest giveaway to a house's age and time of build - and can hinder your property's value if left untouched. Give your kitchen and bathroom a refresh before you sell with some sleek new tiling to increase the value of your home. A timeless suggestion for tiling is the subway pattern, with its versatility and neutrality making it more attractive to more people. Take the opportunity to go for a new colour scheme, or simply give the tiling in your home a refresh before it goes to market. 

While you're at it, it can be a great opportunity to take a look at your kitchen and bathroom accessories for a sleek, clean and modern look to impress potential buyers and give the impression of a higher value house. 

Tremains Property 7 Bathroom Image: Tremains - 82 Meeanee Quay, Westshore, Hawkes Bay


Light Up Your Home in Style: 

Whilst sometimes underestimated, light can be a crucial element to your home's value. If your home is too dark or poorly lit it can feel cold and uninviting to potential buyers - however a home that is too light can feel like a surgical ward. Having the right balance of natural light and artificial light can make a great difference to the value of your home - especially for evenings spent at home and during the cooler months. 

At the same time, feature lights can be great accessories to give your home more class, or that extra edge. Taking a look at the light fixtures in your home, and giving the tired or aged pieces a refresh can do wonders to the value of your home. 

Light fixtures with clusters of bare bulbs in dynamic or elegant arrangements have been a big hit for 2021, and are likely to carry through to the new year. 

Tremains Property 12 Kitchen Lights  Image: Tremains - 151 Guppy Road, Taradale, Hawkes Bay

Storage Reigns Supreme: 

No matter if you're a big family or a couple in their first home - everyone loves storage. Homes with ample storage tend to have it mentioned in their property description, making it more appealing to potential buyers. 

Ensuring there is enough spacious storage in your home is key to increasing your homes' value. Making sure your cupboards are spacious and versatile, there is plenty of storage in your kitchen and cabinetry, shelving in the bedrooms and closets, robe hooks and rails are all simple ways to add more storage to your home. Even the simple things like adding a stand-alone cupboard (if it suits), towel rails, or hooks behind doors can work wonders. 

Tremains Property 22 storageImage: Tremains - 123 Parekaawa Drive, Motuoapa, Waikato

Increasing the value of your home shouldn't be a hard or stressful task. Ensuring your property is well cleaned and pruned, bright and welcoming and includes plenty of modern features will help you make your property the king of the street. Take a look at some of the latest interior trends and colours for your home and find new ways to revitalise it ahead of going to the market. 

Make your home stand out to potential buyers with your preferred Tremains Consultant and take the stress away when you list your home in 2022.