Create a clutter free entry way

Date: 19th Jun 2023

They say first impressions count and we couldn’t agree more! To have a stylish and clutter-free entrance, follow these tips:

Define the purpose: What do you need the space for and what do you need to store? Then you can decide what items to keep in this area.

Remove unnecessary items: Remove any items that don't belong in your entrance. This could be old shoes and jackets that you can donate or sell or seasonal items that you can store away. 

Organize the space: Invest in a coat rack, shoe rack, or shelves to keep the area tidy. You can also use baskets for each family member to store smaller items.  

Keep it clean: Entryways are often high-traffic areas, so clean the floors regularly and dust any surfaces.   

Have fun: Add some personal touches like a fun doormat, artwork, or a plan to create a welcoming atmosphere.

By following these tips, you can create a stylish and organised entryway that you will be proud of! As we said, first impressions count.