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Pranay Jalan

Pranay Jalan

Sales Consultant
With a degree in Business Management, a background in fast paced sales environments, and a local of Rotorua for four years; Pranay is perfectly positioned to use his skills and talents to do what he does best - sell houses, and pave the way for you to get to your next home!

Originally a native of Nepal, Pranay lived in Auckland for several years and builds relationships quickly and easily with clients at all stages of their life and from all diversities. He is compassionate, multi-lingual and adaptable.

His passion for sales, a driven personality type and yet with a charismatic, gracious communication style, sounds like an oxymoron - but his authentic self gets results every day of the week for his valued clients. The whole process will appear calm and curated for you from start to finish.

He is community minded, having been brought up to believe that philanthropy is a service to humanity. He loves the Rotorua lifestyle and being part of a genuine community. He enjoys baking, outdoor sports, mountain climbing and is a motorcycle enthusiast. He loves running and has been representing Nepal for the last 5 years in the ASB Auckland marathon.

Pranay believes his job is to use everything he’s got to get his clients to the lifestyle that they want, taking the best path there and making it look and feel simple and easy for them.

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