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Elliot Barnes

Elliot Barnes

Sales Assistant to Bastin Group
Originally from the UK, Elliot has traveled across the Globe, from inter-railing around Europe, exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo too traversing the ancient Inca trails of Machu Picchu. Elliot has experienced a wealth of cultures giving him the ability to connect with all walks of life.

With a Bachelors in Business Management and a Diploma in Marketing, Elliot understands the fundamentals to run a business, matched with his ability to connect with people he has the necessary skill set to deliver results. Working a number of years as a Restaurant Manager, he knows what exceptional service looks like and prides himself on taking a fun and energetic approach to working with his clients, striving for the very best result down to the little details.

When he’s not working real estate you’ll find him doing laps of the pool, climbing the Mauao or creating exciting music events with his events business. As a member of the Bastin Group, Elliot is super excited to work with you.

Give him a call now to have a chat about your real estate needs.

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