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Chris Hayden

Chris Hayden

Sales Consultant
Chris grew up with a keen interest in real estate thanks to his father and grandfather who were both in the industry. He has seen first-hand how the process of buying and selling a home can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Chris spent most of his career working in education, in 2015 he returned to Taupo with his family where he embarked on his own property journey. Seeing his daughter enjoy a real estate career of her own ignited a fire in Chris, which is why he jumped at the chance to join his daughter Nikki to create a dynamic and family-focused real estate team at Tremains.

Chris devoted many years to serving others, mainly in the field of education. He was a secondary school principal in Australia and also taught in America, where he became an Adjunct Professor at Portland State University. The teaching profession, as well as experience in buying, selling and renovating many homes, has engrained in Chris valuable skills that will serve him well in real estate. He enjoys listening, researching, and interacting with people from all walks of life. Chris and his wife, Jan, have lived in Taupo with all their daughters and have a long association with the city. Chris has served the community with leadership roles at Taupo Baptist Church and on the LifeKeys Trust, a group helping others in need.

Chris loves the great outdoors and feels extremely fortunate to have helped many students achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award by completing expeditions around the Tongariro National Park. Chris is an avid thriller writer, blogger and photographer.

James Thurber, the American comedian, once said, "If you want your dreams to come true, then don't sleep." There is much truth in applying this to real estate. Chris' first goal is to be trusted to help your real estate dreams come true, the second is for you to enjoy deep sleep when they do!

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