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Arsh Kaur

Arsh Kaur

Sales Consultant
A woman of diverse cultural and socio-economic experiences, who journeyed from India to make Rotorua her home for the past 7 years. Wearing various hats from management to engineering and hospitality, each role has honed her attention to detail and people-handling skills.

Arsh, an ambitious entrepreneur with her commercial cleaning business, channels her experience to bring a fresh perspective and attention to detail in the real estate sector, ensuring clients find their ideal homes. Arsh is determined to stand out and be a role model for other aspiring females who want to achieve something in life and demonstrate that passion, dedication, and hard work are not bound by gender.

In addition, Arsh is multilingual, fluent in English, Punjabi, and Hindi. Her eagerness to learn Te Reo Maori allows her to better understand the needs of different clients and establish a personal connection with them. She is an ambitious individual constantly seeking growth opportunities, driven by the belief that stepping out of our comfort zones is key to unlocking life's greatest lessons.

Real estate, for me, is not just about houses; it's about people and helping them achieve their dream homes. With a knack for dealing with people and ensuring they get the best results, I am confident in navigating the intricacies of the real estate landscape. Arsh, a dynamic entrepreneur with a diverse skill set, is committed to leveraging her expertise to guide clients through successful real estate transactions, specializing in investment properties.

During my downtime, you'll find me running around Rotorua Lake or through the serene Redwood Forest, finding peace and tranquility. I've conquered several full marathons and half marathons, with aspirations to become a triathlete in the future. Numbers are my forte, so you can count on me to secure you a great deal.

I'm excited to meet you, understand your needs, and work towards streamlining your dream home. Let's make your real estate journey engaging and successful together!

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