Property Renovation Made Easy with Tremains

Date: 26th Jan 2022

Home renovations have skyrocketed in the past few years; becoming a trending topic across several social media platforms, with creators getting down and dirty to create the homes of their dreams. 

There are so many reasons why remodelling your home is a great advantage. It gives the home you live in a look that you love, you feel a bigger sense of pride, or (of course) it can bring more value to your home before it goes to market. Whatever the reason, we can guarantee it is a lot of fun, hard work, and rewarding at the end of the project. 

Before you start, it's important to check with yourself to determine the reason behind your remodel, what you're planning to do, make sure to have permits budget and an understanding of the scope of the task - and that's before the work begins! And then, the big question: Do you hire a contractor, or get to work and DIY? 

Our team have great experience in renovations and remodelling their own homes, and they've shared their top tips to ensure you have a successful renovation that will reward you in the long term. 

Reno - Ladder

1. Look for video tutorials from a New Zealand - based source: 

Isn't it frustrating when you find a reference video, and it's all inches and feet instead of the good old metric system? Using a local New Zealand source guarantees things will be measured using the correct system, and you'll know that the products they use are also available to you. Hardware stores, such as Bunnings or Mitre 10, are a great way to start, or pop over to YouTube to get more inspiration - you never know who you may come across on there!

2. Know Your Load Bearing Walls 

Best advice we can give; Talk to a licensed building practitioner or engineer before you start any work, to identify what walls are load bearing in your home. The worst thing that could happen is getting started on a wall, with the dream of an open plan, and finding out mid-job that it's just not going to happen. We promise it will save you stress and headaches, and you'll have a smoother transition from your before to after. 

Renno - Carpet 

3. New Carpet is Worth it

Who doesn't love the feeling of fresh, new carpet underfoot? Replacing the carpet in your home is more often the best investment you can make. It can give your property that "new home" feel, and spruce up any room. Whilst it's not the cheapest move, it pays off exceptionally well in the long run, adding increased value to your home before it goes to market, or bringing higher value to your latest investment property. In fact, according to, 54% of home buyers in one study were willing to pay much more for properties with new carpet than those with hardwood floor or older-looking carpet. We highly recommend considering re-carpeting rooms that may look tired, to re-vamp your home - you'll thank us in the long run. 

 4. Visit Building Recyclers for Period Treasures

Old treasures are hard to come by these days, and can give your home a whole new personality in your renovation. Something as simple as an old-style door handle, a new faucet for the kitchen sink, or some decor can give your home a whole new life - and keep your guests intrigued. Using recycled pieces in your renovation adds a new feeling of value and sentiment, and adds to the sustainability of your home by turning someone else's trash into your next treasure You'll be sure to impress, and others are unlikely to have the same statement pieces as you. 

 Renno 2 outdoor

5. Inform your Neighbours Before Outdoor Work 

Letting your neighbours know about your renovation is a great way to build connections with those around you and letting them know about your renovation. We highly recommend talking to them before installing or re-building any fences around the perimeter, to ensure you have their consent as well. This is because it's on the boundary line between both properties, and they may have some ideas for how it can look to keep everyone happy. Taking a small gift token in advance, like a warm plate of brownies or scones, can really nurture that relationship - and you never know, they may even help or pay half! 

 6. Caution with Paint 

One of the best DIY jobs is whipping out a paintbrush and giving your walls a fresh coat of paint - right? While the idea of painting the walls of your house is an exciting job at the best of times - a rush job is not the goal here. So many times we've seen a paint job that could have done with extra time and care, and we want to make sure you get it right first time. Make sure that when you get started on painting the walls, take your time to ensure an even coat and allow time to dry so you can see the results properly - it'll save you time in the long run to take your time. 

When it comes to the actual paint job, here are our top tips for the best results: 

  • Use a Rapidfilla or Permafilla to smooth over any gaps that might have appeared in the wall 
  • Be sure to Mask any switches, wall decor (eg. lights) and skirting boards before you start, and use a drop sheet to protect your floors 
  • Use a paintbrush to go along the edges of the walls for a clean line, and a damp roller for the rest of the walls 

For more tips for painting the walls in your home, head over to the Resene website. 

 Renno - Painting

7. Choose your Colours Wisely 

Have you ever gone to start a paint job, and then realised the colours don't match? Save yourself the slip up by investing in test pots to make sure you get the right colours and shades for your DIY paint job. Our best advice is to pop into your local Bunnings or Resene Colour store, pick up some colour samples and test pots to take home and make sure you get the right colour - especially if you're planning on putting a feature wall in your home and want the colours to match your theme! Once you know you've got the right colour, that's the time to get a big bucket and get started on your project. 

 8. Knock, Knock! 

One of the first things people notice when checking out your home is the front door, so it's important to consider the impression your front door is leaving to potential buyers and guests. Whether it needs a bit of a clean-up, a new lick of paint, or putting in a whole new door can give your home a fresh personality and ensure you're starting with the best first impression - after all, first impressions are the most important for home buyers! 

 Renno Tga Property

9. Creating Curb Appeal 

If your plan is to put your home on the market in the coming months - or even if it’s not - making sure to pay attention to the finer details will ensure  your DIY renovation is well done. Things like refreshing cupboard handles, whether to have curtains or blinds, even where your plugs and switches are can make all the difference. We also recommend taking a look at how much storage your home has; a subtle but noticeable feature in your home. Where possible, adding attic storage or extra storage throughout your home will add much more value to the property, and make living much freer for you and your family with less clutter. You'd be surprised how much of a difference an extra cupboard or drawers can make. 

10. Safety first! 

Before even starting to think about getting busy on the tools, we recommend ensuring your emergency first aid kit is well supplied before ever picking up a hammer. It’s too late to buy bandages when you’ve already hit your thumb! Also, make sure you've read and understood any safety manuals for tools you're likely to use, and use safety gear where necessary to keep the risk of accidents down to a minimum. And of course, be sure to have fun and enjoy the process of transforming your home! 


If you've recently completed a DIY project or home renovation, our team would love to see it. Share a photo on Facebook or Instagram and tag @tremainsrealestate so we can celebrate your projects with you.