Warmer Weather Bringing More Homes To Market

Date: 18th Jun 2020

So that’s goodbye to September as we hit Q4 on the homerun into the 25th of December and Santa Claus. This is such a great time of the year for buying and selling property as people make their decisions for 2020 with Xmas being a great closing period.

The property market continues its great run with no signs ahead that this will be stopping anytime soon. The Tremains team had a great September with sales volumes back to excellent levels due to more homes coming to the market based on warmer weather and the arrival of Spring. Great prices keep being achieved which will have the median price over the new record level of $500,000.

The big disappointment of the past week was the decision by Jetstar to leave regional New Zealand. I could never understand why their fares needed to be so cheap given all flights I am ever on, both airlines are absolutely full. Hopefully another one of the smaller airlines will pickup the Auckland route and charge fares that allow them to make a profit.

More land also needs to be opened up with the Government even suggesting tax credits for developers! I have always believed the Kaiapoi Road area a logical step for the next area of residential growth. Apparently there are high infrastructure costs for local government to make this work but I am sure this is the sort of project that Kiwi Build could jump on with support from the actual government. They can’t keep talking – they need to take action.

School holidays and an opportunity to take a breather with a break with the kids. Great weather too as we popped down South taking in this amazing country of ours. When you tell people you are from Hawke’s Bay there is a universal appeal of it being such a beautiful spot – similar to when you tell people internationally you are from New Zealand.

Really enjoyed hosting Big Brothers Big Sisters at our corporate box for the Magpies game against Taranaki and such a great thing for people to do for those kids who need that father or mother figure in their lives.

The All Blacks have a pretty easy run over the next few weeks although Japan have made our quarter final game rather intriguing and possibly more difficult if Ireland qualify second rather than first.

Good luck to my brother Chris as the local body elections postal vote closes with his bid to become Napier’s next mayor. Make sure you give Chris the big tick as he is the person we need to drive us forward over the next period.

Have a great week.