Tremains Myth Busters

Date: 17th Jun 2020

Breaking down the truth behind common myths in the Real Estate Industry.

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1. Selling a property in winter means fewer houses on the market, which means less competition and a better chance for your home to stand out. People who are looking to buy at this time of year are usually highly motivated.

Your house is worth more this winter with Tremains. Don’t wait until Spring, now is the time to sell.  Give us a call today.

2. We have been conditioned to believe we should “never offer the full asking price”, but times have changed. In today’s market, homes that are priced right are not lasting long and in some cases are receiving multiple offers.

To make sure your home is competitively marketed and priced or to get the best advice when looking for your next home or investment, call us today.

3. When buying a home they have access to properties you may not know about and have invaluable experience dealing with the myriad of things that can go wrong during a transaction.

When selling they have access to tools that market your property comprehensively to both active and passive buyers and they are trained negotiators, ensuring you get the best deal.

For specialist guidance and results when buying or selling, call us today.