Resolving Complaints

We value your feedback

Whether its a complaint or a compliment, you can contact us directly to discuss anything regarding Tremains, our events, levels of customer service or even to just chat about real estate.

We have a robust complaints and disputes resolution procedure designed to provide a simple and personalised process for resolving any complaint you might have about service you have received from Tremains. We appreciate the opportunity to put it right.

Step 1. Speak to the Tremains agent concerned

Speak to the person you dealt with first to try and resolve your complaint. Our team pride themselves on getting things right, so please give them the first opportunity to correct any issues. If you feel in any way that the resolution proposed is not to your liking, then please call  the relevant sales manager.

Step 2. Advise the relevant sales manager

Speak to the relevant sales manager about your concerns, which agent you have dealt with, and what outcome you would like to see to resolve the situation. Each office has a different sales manager and you can view their contact details here.

  • Tremains Napier office - Stu Christensen
  • Tremains Taradale office - Stu Christensen
  • Tremains Hastings office - Darryl Buckley
  • Tremains Havelock North office - Louise Addis

Step 3. Resolving the issue

We hope that at this stage we can find an immediate resolution and implement that resolution. However, it is possible that the sales manager may ask you to put your complaint in writing so that he/she can investigate further. If this is the case we require a brief period of time to speak with the agent/s involved.

Step 4. Response

We promise to get back to you within five working days with a response to your complaint (either by phone or in writing). As part of that response we might ask you to meet with our sales managers and the agent/s (only if appropriate) to discuss the complaint and propose a resolution.

Step 5. Meeting

We would like to meet with you to resolve the issue. If upon meeting we are unable to come to an agreed resolution, we will escalate the issue to Simon Tremain (Principal) for consideration. If you do not wish to meet with us, we will provide you with a written proposal to resolve your complaint.

Step 6. Resolution

If you do not accept our proposal, please advise us in writing within five working days. You can of course, suggest another way of resolving your complaint.

Step 7. Preferred resolution

If we accept your preferred resolution we will attempt to implement that resolution within five working days. If we decline your resolution we may invite you to mediation (using an independent mediation service) to resolve the dispute.

Step 8. Unable to settle

If we are unalbe to settle the complaint at mediation (or we do not agree to mediate the dispute) then that will bring the in-house process to a close.

Real Estate Agents Authority

At any time you feel your complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, you can contact the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA).