Rotorua Property Perspective from Megan Davies

Date: 18th Sep 2020

17th November 2020.

Rotorua Property Perspective

from Megan Davies, Sales Manager Tremains Rotorua.

It’s a sizzling hot market for home buyers right now, and no sign of cooling as we head into 2021.
Rotorua’s median house price has gone rogue with an increase to $580,000 - up a staggering $60,000 from last month. Exasperated buyers are becoming frustrated with the lack of stock and are forced to reinvent themselves and their dreams as they approach the bank of mum and dad and beg for the leg into a property. Sections become appealing for land bankers. Short turnaround means researched buyers and cash in hand purchasers will win the race.

Investors are not phased but they steadily play the long game cognisant that the new regulations around tenancy do require judicious property management.

Sellers – it's your day… with no end in sight, it’s a brave Real Estate Agent who can put a price on your home so NO PRICE STRATEGIES are the way forward.

If you understand Auctions you will understand how to maximize your assets and if you don’t understand them WE DO and can guide you through a simple process that is proven to achieve premium results.
Come and chat to us about our no price Simultaneous Selling Strategy to get you sold.

Just a few more weeks and 2020 will be a memory – don’t let your dreams vanish, it’s a fresh opportunity to get the best for your property and to own the most valuable asset you can achieve and while diamonds maybe forever, THE BEST INVESTMENT ON EARTH … IS EARTH!

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