Tremains Colouring Competition

The Tremains Colouring Competition is back for 2018!

Pick up a copy from any of our Tremains offices from Friday, 22 June.

Prizes will be awarded in four age categories: under 5, age 5 to 7, age 8 to 10, and age 11 to 13.

Entries close on Monday, 23 July and you can drop your completed version into our offices up to this date.

We are expecting some fantastic entries across all age groups. So get your colouring pencils sharpened, your felt tip pens at the ready, and be in to win your share of over $2,500 worth of prizes!


2017 category winners and spot prize winners:

Havelock North/Hastings
Under 5
1st - Allyana Downie
2nd -  Maeve Holder
3rd - Ruby Johnston

6 - 9
1st - Maddie Ewen
2nd - Gracie Toohey
3rd -  Eva Brazier

10 -13
1st - Evabella Mortimer & Victoria Brougham
2nd - Kelly Littlechild
3rd - Liana McGregor

Under 5
1st - Helena Hutchinson
2nd - Amelia Fenwick
3rd - Hope Parkes

6 - 9
1st - Holly Stanford
2nd - Lucy Nielsen
3rd - Mia Berghan

10 -13
1st - Meghan Muisan
2nd - Ashlee Kerr
3rd - Elyse King

1st - Tayah-Daisy Coleman

Spot Prize Winners

Danika Welch
Sadie Bond
Lilyraine Cregan
Emma Gilbert
Ula Chan
Rozayah Chapman
Kiera de Clifford
Jake Farnworth
Sophie Hyde
Libby Jackson
Kasey Harrold
Hyah Terrey
Izabella Chittenden
Scarlett Davis
Ruben Frost
Judy Lean
Amy Hesketh
Keshavleen Kavr
Amanat Kumar
Emily Billings
Alia Hussain
Mali Wynnelewis
Alana Billings
Izabella Biggs
Isabella & Liam
Nico O'Brien
Olivia Renee Mclean
Oscar Hunter
Amrit Sing
Laura Brazier
Quinn Nicholson