Tremains Colouring Competition

The Tremains Colouring Competition is back for 2017!

The Tremains Colouring Competition takes place over the July School Holidays. 

We are expecting some fantastic entries across  all age groups,  Under 5, Six - Nine, Ten - Thirteen and Open.

The open category entrants get the chance to design their own poster, with the winner being featured in Tremains Art Deco Festival 2018.

Entries close 25th July 2017.

Pick up your colouring competitions from any of our Tremains branches, or look out for it in the July issue of REAL magazine to be in to win your share of $3,000 worth of prizes!


2016 category winners and spot prize winners:

Havelock North/Hastings
Under 5
1st - Payton Harrison
2nd - Madisyn 
3rd - Lachlan Roberts 

6 - 9
1st - Flossy Dear
2nd - Eva Brazier
3rd - Charlotte Wray 

10 -12
1st - Amanat Kumar
2nd - Esther Dear
3rd - Ahnya Christieson

1st - Taryn Elliot
2nd - Rennae O'Meley
3rd - Irene Mueller

Under 5
1st - Kaia Weir
2nd - Faith
3rd - Fesha Tauapai

6 - 9
1st - Ruby Look
2nd - Reuben Grimwood
3rd - Charlie Marett

10 -12
1st - Pippa McCarthy
2nd - Isabel Harris
3rd - Sharn Gliddon 

1st - Robyn Carter
2nd - Sheryl Foote
3rd - Jemma Russell

Spot Prize Winners
Summer Darroch
Teeghan Spooner
Sienna Deller
Siteheil Cookson
Lee Trajer- Prinoth
Molly Dickson
Keitaana Te Riini
Kayne Nicholson
Chloe Hill
Hana Symes
Olivia Johnson
Finn Butters
Katerina Carney
Lily Bow
Sam Allen
Willis Gardner
Elise Sewell
Jaydan Mae
Lucy Wise
Cooper Solomon
Blake Duncan
Madison Turner
India Taylor
Rianna Boyle
Teaghan Jackson
Collins Kennedy-Diack
Olivia Mclean
Eva Townsend
Aiman Singh
Ashley Blakesley
James and Isabella McKeefry
Coco McMillan
Emma McLagan
Charlotte McLagan
Sunshine Wilcock
Maera Tahau
Alex Bow
Lulu Fuller
Sophie McLay
Olivia Bryant
Olivia Wellington
G Harvey
Ashleigh Sale
Skye Finlay
Jamie Morris
Jess Higgens
Sharyn Gliddon